Book Summary

The Bird's Nest

Meena Kaul is riding high in her new position as director of Behera House, a safe haven for women who have suffered repeated bouts of domestic violence. But everything changes when she looses her funding for a new community center, and the Hindu Democratic Party (HDP) steps in with a multimillion-dollar grant. The ultra-right party is vying to take over the government in the upcoming national election; Meena fears it wants to use her organization as its poster child to win power and then quietly chip away at women’s hard-earned rights.


Meena’s worse fears come to pass as the HDP forms a government and tightens its grip on her institute and the nation. Meanwhile, Simon Bliss, a “green” architect from Washington, arrives to design the center. Trapped in a stalled marriage, Simon quickly falls for the dynamic and alluring director.


When Meena’s husband is murdered, Simon suspects HDP involvement. Hoping to win Meena’s affection by freeing her from the party’s stranglehold, he sets out to find the truth. Simon is quickly sucked into Meena’s perilous world, where reactionary politicians, crooked priests, and greedy businessmen plot to turn back the clock on women and the environment. In the end, Simon’s quest succeeds, but not without first rocking the nation to its core.


The Bird’s Nest is a story of love set in modern Indian, a society caught between traditional values and modernity.


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