• A Novel by Kenneth Langer

    The Bird's Nest

    Background Image: Varanasi, India. Ken's home during his junior year in college.

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  • A Novel by Kenneth Langer

    The Bird's Nest

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“The Bird's Nest" is a story of love and personal transformation set in India amidst violent conflict between ancient and modern forces.

Publisher Inquiries Welcome

Merrill Leffler

Author of Mark the Music / Publisher of Dryad Press

“The Bird's Nest is at times serious and funny. It reads like a fast-paced thriller without sacrificing the sumptuous language and fully developed characters readers expect from a piece of literary fiction."

John Shors

Bestselling author of Beneath a Marble Sky.

"Having explored India myself, I'm impressed with Kenneth's knowledge of Indian society. It's evident that he spent quite a bit of time navigating what is a complex and nuanced culture."

Rick Fedrizzi

CEO and Founding Chair / U.S. Green Building Council

Using LEED as the tool choice, Ken and EMSI have long been on the front lines of how we fundamentally transform our built environment into the healthy, high-performing future we all imagine. He's been instrumental in advancing green building in the emerging economies of India and China, so his debut novel of about a green architect in India is bound to ring true to those who seek to change the world.

Saumya Balsari

Award-winning novelist and author of The Cambridge Curry Club and Summer of Blue. 

"Kenneth Langer skilfully brings to his novel a storehouse of academic and worldly experience of India."

For Publishers

The Book Preview for The Bird's Nest, Chapters 1 and 2, is now available. For all questions and publisher inquiries, send Ken a message.

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